terms of use

last update : 03/04/2018

A. About cooperatives

Cogre is a website created and operated by cheapingchip. The website’s purpose is to provide contact information about greek agricultural cooperatives. The inclusion of each cooperative is free of charge.

Each cooperative has the ability to promote anything of the organisation’s preference through an advertising banner, which appears in the details’ post and below the cooperative details. This banner may introduce a specific product or range of products, may announce a price or a happening, may provide information and link to a specific page of the cooperative’s website, or may be offered to any external party the cooperative chooses, paid or free of charge. Cogre offers this advertising space to all cooperatives free of charge and is not aware or committed to the policy each cooperative follows about this issue (terms of use apply, which bound the ethical frame of the use, and which are given to cooperatives upon request – for instance, no political advertising is allowed).

Each cooperative has the ability to place paid advertisements within Cogre. Special prices apply, which are communicated to cooperatives directly or through the tactical newsletter for cooperatives specifically. Cogre retains the right to refuse the placement of an ad to a cooperative (this cannot apply for ads placed through any advertiser). This may happen due to lack of space, concerning a booking of the place by third parties for the very near future, or to maintain a balance of cooperatives competing in terms of fairness. This issue is at the discretion of cheapingchip only and no relevant specific terms apply. Paid advertisements of third parties on behalf of a cooperative are not accepted.

B. About advertisees

In the case of a permanent website failure (for instance, a discontinuation of Cogre) all paid advertisements may receive a refund equivalent to the time the advertising space has not been used. This includes only the equivalent amount of money of the price of the service that has not been used – under the assumption of any additional damage caused by the discontinuation of the advertising service (for instance, an advertising campaign misfit) there will be no compensation for advertisements that stopped appearing, apart the equivalent refund for the service that is not going to be used (unless the specific contract specifies otherwise).

In the case of a temporary website failure (for instance, a temporary breakdown of the web hosting provider, or a hack insult), cheapingchip will assume that the relevant time extend of advertising service may take place, until the fulfillment of the agreed advertising time of appearance. Instead of a time extend of the advertisement appearing, the advertisee (or a stated representative) may request the equivalent to the time that the service has not been used refund (which then concludes the agreement). cheapingchip is not responsible to be informing the advertisee (or the representative) of any short temporary service stops which are caused by internet service providers or by a hacking insult. Until the third day of such a service stop, cheapingchip will assume that the continuation of the advertisement withstands (by the according extend of the advertisement appearing time), unless the the advertisee (or the representative) requests the service to discontinue (which then will lead to an according refund and the concluding of the agreement). Above three days of a service stop, all advertisees (or representatives) will be informed by email, in order to select a refund or a time extension. In the case that the service stops under the liability of cheapingchip, the advertisee (or the representative) will be informed on the following day. Under the assumption of any additional damage caused by the temporary discontinuation of the advertising service (for instance, the announcement of an event) there will be no compensation for advertisements that stopped appearing, apart the equivalent refund for the service that is not going to be used (unless the specific contract specifies otherwise).

The payment of the advertising spaces is made in advance.

C. cheapingchip obligations

cheapingchip defines its obligation for not discontinuing the appearance of an advertisement based on an agreement for use free of charge, on behalf of instant offering of the advertising space to a third party.

On instances of late payments cheapingchip is not obliget to maintain the continuation of use or the availability of the advertising space.

cheapingchip is obliged to correspond to the wish of cooperatives relating to the erase of their data elements from the directory. The completion of each deleting or information altering inquiry happens within a week, and only in the case that our follow up telephone confirmation is positively successful.

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cheapingchip is not obliged to inform the cooperatives for any terms change. This does not include the privacy policy and any relevant approval the cooperatives may allow about their data and the distribution of it. Cogre will include the announcement of any changes in the most recent newsletter and to few newsletters that follow.
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D. The language of the terms of use

This text expresses the terms of use in english, translated from the greek language, and with the best possible effort in achieving an absolute meaning of the original and valid terms. Any conflict of terms interpretation between the two texts (i.e. the english and the greek) will assume that the greek text of terms outstands.

E. Definition of the word ‘banner’

Banner is the advertising space / the advertising item, and in accordance to the advertising catalogue which can be found in the page ADVERTISE.

F. Acceptance of terms of use

The visitor of the website accepts the terms of use, along to the texts of privacy policy and of the disclaimer.

In addition, each cooperative has received an email with clear emphasis relating to the silent acceptance of the terms of use and the contents of privacy policy and of the disclaimer in opposition to the electronic or telephonic application for exclusion from the directory of Cogre  (1. a sample of the email can be seen here (coming soon), 2. each email is followed by a telephone confirmation of its receival and by a resend of the email, along to the instant informing during the telephone call relating to the disclaimer and various marketing issues).