Subscribe to the trimonthly newsletter of Cogre.

The newsletter of Cooperatives Greece is common with the newsletter of the Cooperations Greece, and it includes the most recent adds of greek agricultural cooperatives, and the recent adds to the pages of Cooperations Greece. The newsletter is issued in english language.

If you are a business of interest to cooperatives (such as a potential supplier or buyer), and you wish to learn about cooperatives’ offers or wish to set business potentials for cooperatives, please apply for the trimonthly Cogre newsletter for businesses. The newsletter is issued in english language. You may also apply for the normal newsletter.

If you are a greek agricultural cooperative you may subscrine to the trimonthly Cogre newsletter for cooperatives, which includes subjects of possible interest (such as sales opportunities or suggestions of goods and services for running the business activities). The newsletter is issued in greek language. You may also apply for the other two newsletters.

NOTICE: The frequency of send or other elements of the newsletters may change in the future. In such case the subscribers will be notified of the changes through the recent newsletter.

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