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If you are a business that cooperatives may have an interest at (such as a potential buyer or a potential seller), then you may apply for the newsletter.

The newsletter is issued every three months and it is issued in english language.

To apply you must fill this form.

Cogre will identify whether you indeed are  a business with a potential interest to cooperatives. In the case that we justify your business as one without such an interest, we will contact you to discuss the issue an in order to receive your view on the issue – since you did applie, the most possible is that we are wrong about the justification.

All marketing businesses and other similar institutes or businesses, that are able to undertake the sales activities on behalf of a cooperative or a group of, are welcome to receive the newsletter.


The newsletter will offer you two possibilities.

The one is to learn offers by cooperatives, and in order to discuss them with the offerer in terms of buying.

The other is to identify possibilities in making an offer to cooperatives, and in order to be included in the newsletter to cooperatives. In addition to proposing a selling offer, you may also have the ability to propose a buying offer. The aim of this possibility is to set the grounds for cooperating between the cooperatives, in terms of achieving buying economies of scale, in achieving similar standard levels, and in achieving mass orders’ fulfilling – especially for the smaller of the organisations.

The benefit of participating as a business is the opportunity in achieving an order containining various similar products that hold the same specifications (such as packaging) from different cooperative producers. 

The service is offered free of charge.


NOTICE: Cogre does not participate or interfere in the transactions made between a seller and a buyer. Cogre does act as a consultor, to all cooperatives. Cogre does suggest tools (such as banking, logistics and design services) to all cooperatives and in order to set every one as efficient to be transacting.

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