Cogre is a greek agricultural cooperatives’ directory.

It includes contact details of cooperatives, along to their logo and a link to their website.

The cooperatives’ listing is based on the thirteen hellenic administrative regions.

The contact details of cooperatives are in english language only. All other information in the website is in greek language also (in pdf).

Cogre can be used by people that wish to get in contact with greek agricultural cooperatives, for reasons such as achieving a business deal with any of the cooperatives – in the form of buying cooperatives’ products, or in the form of communicating with cooperatives in order to undertake their sales activities.

Cogre and cheapingchip do not interfere to any type of communication between cooperatives and potential buyers or sellers.

The cooperatives have not given their consent to be included in Cogre. All data, info and elements have been found by cheapingchip through web search. Any cooperative is welcome to require exclusion from Cogre.

The word Cogre rises from the phrase Cooperatives Greece.

Cogre is a project of cheapingchip.

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